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Meet Natali Tene: What happened to Natali Tene?

In 2017, sexual assault claims were made against Mario Batali by one Natali Tene. Tene, a native of the US state of Massachusetts, is employed in the software sector in Boston. The suspected slanderer of Mario Batali is a Senior Implementation Consultant for Propertybase. The best guess is that she is 32 years old, but no one knows for sure.

Even yet, Tene supposedly hasn’t tied the knot. The famous chef and restaurateur Mario Batali was accused of sexual assault and abuse by Natali Tene in 2017. She claimed Batali kissed her and touched her against her consent. On May 9, 2022, after the trial of Batali concluded, Tene testified in court. Tene insisted that she was unable to protect herself since everything happened so quickly and she was exhausted.

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She also noted that Mario Batali had consumed alcohol earlier in the evening. The legal counsel for Mario Batali reportedly told the court that Natali Tene is faking the incident in order to extort money from Batali.

Meet Natali Tene: What happened to Natali Tene?

In 2019, allegations of sexual misconduct involving Natali Tene have been leveled against Chef Mario Batali. Batali is currently facing accusations, and despite the fact that the chef has denied all of the allegations, Tene has not changed her stance.

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