Meet Ms. Aseidu Dapaah Benedicta, the Young Lady Behind “One Sanitary Pad, One Student” Initiative as she calls for support.

The economic hardship in the country and across the globe has affected every facets of our life as Ghanaians. The constant hike in prices of goods and services has affected everything including basic sanitary materials for school girls.

Due to this, Ms. Aseidu Dapaah Benedicta, a nurse by profession has taken the plight of these young girls who find it difficult to get sanitary pads. The kind hearted young lady believes as a nurse that, girls at their adolescent stage should take their personal hygiene serious.

Ms. Aseidu Dapaah Benedicta,
Ms. Aseidu Dapaah Benedicta, one sanitary pad, one student conveyor


Upon her research, she noticed that majority of these girls could not afford a sanitary pad monthly, the cause of this being increase in prices of this item.

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The old student of Dormaa SHS, in an interview with said ”

You will bare with me that the price of Sanitary pads in Ghana is now unbearable and due to that, I have taken it upon myself to support The Girl Child Education in my municipality by providing one sanitary pad to each girl out there in some schools around.

With this, kindly support my vision by buying this sanitary pad so we can support many Girls out there”.

A young lady who has the ambition to put smiles on the face of young girls in school. She appeals to the government, NGO’s, individuals and all manner of people where ever you are in the world to donate a sanitary pad for these girls.

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Ms Aseidu Dapaah Benedicta



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