Meet Georgia Marie Thompson and Gina Michelle Thompson: Christiana Evangeline Children

Christiana Evangeline is a model, fitness expert, and actress who is most recognized for her work in the fashion industry. She was born in Canada and raised in the United States.

She is most known for her work as a model, but she has also had success as a movie actress. Prior to breaking into the film industry, she was famous for her modeling work.

The actress and model now has 33 years of age and was born on March 24th, 1989. The majority of her celebrity may be attributed to her partnership with comedian and actor Kenan Thompson.

They had been seeing each other for a total of four years prior to ultimately getting married in 2011. After 11 years of living a gorgeous fairytale together, the couple has chosen to part ways and is now the subject of much discussion because of their decision.

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Georgia Marie Thompson

Georgia is the only child that Christina and her former husband have left together.

She had her birthday in 2014; thus, she is now 7 years old. It is unknown when exactly she came into this world. Since she is still a youngster and unable to make decisions for herself, she is only a student and does not have a profession of any kind.


Gianna Michelle Thompson

Gianna is the older of the two daughters that her parents had together. She was also born in 2011, which makes her 11 now.

She is still very young and therefore does not have a job or a profession of any kind, despite the fact that she is widely recognized as a famous kid who was born with a silver spoon.

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Aside from the few anecdotes that were passed down by her parents, there isn’t much that is known about her.

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