Breaking News: Mawuli Younggod reportedly involved in fatal accident on his way to Mafi-Kumasi

Mawuli Younggod, a Ghanaian rapper, is rumoured to have been involved in an accident on the way to Mafi Kumasi Senior High Technical School for the SRC Week Celebration, where he was booked to play at a show.

According to the reports, the accident took place on the road that connects Accra and Sogakofe.

After that, he and three other members of his squad were reportedly sent to the hospital for medical care, as stated by an eyewitness who made the information available to reporters.

Mawuli Younggod reportedly involved in fatal accident

Mawuli Younggod was just involved in an accident, and because he had some injuries as a result, he was sent to the hospital as soon as possible. Let us join together in praying for our brother, Mawuli Younggod. According to an eyewitness,

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An eyewitness claims that Mawuli Younggod and his men were travelling at breakneck speed in a white Range Over Evoque that bore the DV Number Plate.

He is famous for his lively and energizing concerts, has been making waves in the Ghanaian music scene with his distinctive sound and infectious compositions. Because of the huge impact he has had on the dance and Hip-hop music scenes, he has acquired a sizeable fanbase and received widespread recognition.

Due to his involvement in this sad tragedy, his followers are now eagerly awaiting information on his status and hoping for a speedy recovery from his injuries.

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