Manhyia Invokes Curses On Odike As They Banish Him.

The Asanteman Traditional Council, at a crisis meeting held at the Manhyia Palace in Kumasi on August 19th,2022, communicated its resentment regarding a few expressions made by Akwasi Addai Odike, disregarding the customs and tradition of Asanteman.

Subsequently, a ram was butchered to invoke ancestral curses against the politician.

Addressing the media, Nana Kwaku Owusu, and Otumfuo Akyeame Panin, revealed that Odike, in a radio program, blamed Chiefs in the Ashanti Region for being the brains behind galamsey activities and went on to incite the youth against them.


As indicated by Nana Owusu, this is the primary period of the customary ceremonies and the second will be held soon. Pouring of libation was subsequently performed to seal the event.


“We have proof that Odike sat on the radio and spoke against Asanteman. He has set a priority.

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He has likewise incited the youth against the heads of Asanteman. Presently, politics has become the overwhelming focus of our entire lives. The lawmakers should consult Nananom on issues; however, they don’t consult us.

The Chiefs performing rituals against Odike

 Chiefs performing rituals against Odike

When somebody goes for a mining permit, they don’t for a moment even consult Nananom before the license is given.

They don’t, for a moment, even come and find out if there should be a tradition to perform; they simply proceed to mine. All the royalties from mining go to the government, nothing comes to us.


The King of the Ashanti Kingdom is asking individuals for funds to develop the Ashanti Kingdom. Any type of improvement in the Ashanti Region is worked on by the Ashanti King.

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For the government to bring money is presently a test. Then, at that point, Odike goes to sit on the radio to impel the young against the bosses and elderly folks of the Ashanti Kingdom. “There is no proof that chiefs in the Ashanti Kingdom have taken anything,” he said.

The Asanteman Traditional Council has banished Odike from the region. Odike has yet to respond to his banishment.

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