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Mampintsha Biography

A singer named Mampintsha was brought to a hospital over the weekend and then transferred to Durban Central’s Durdoc Hospital. Gqom The artist, who is wedded to celebrity Babes Wodmo, may have had a stroke, according to the South African.

The Daily Sun was informed by his sister, Pinkie Gumede, that the news was accurate and that she was distraught about him. “On Saturday, December 17, we received a call instructing us to get over to his house immediately. When we arrived, he seemed really ill. Already, he was having problems speaking.

Mampintsha claimed that when he spoke to Isangoma, he was instructed to perform a customary rite. We repeated the action when we got home. But he failed to appear. Instead, he called and instructed us to do the procedure on our own.

Although we were stunned, there was nothing we could do. We slaughtered the goat as a result, and we ate it. However, we didn’t light Impepho on fire. Additionally, he advised them to obtain the When he returned to the hospital a few days after having a stroke, his sister, Pinkie Gumede, learned about it. We phoned Babes and her family once again, but they assured us that everything was OK and not to worry about him.

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We are aware of his severe illness, yet we are unable to assist him due to yet another delay. We are concerned and terrified that he could experience a negative outcome. Mampintsha’s mother, Zama, told the Daily Sun that she was happy her son went to meet Sangoma by himself because he was not ill. “The hospital won’t be able to aid him in any way.” I’ve been telling him for a while that he needs to do amagobongo, but he won’t listen.

Mampintsha Age

On July 18, 1982, he was born in the KwaZulu-Natal town of Umlazi. Mandla Maphumulo will be 38 in 2020.

Mampintsha Wife

Fans have seen their love for her carry her from the courtroom to the media and even the social streets. She is a multi-award-winning Gqom queen and the breakout star of Babes Wodumo and Big Nuz. Although their love was on and off for a very long period, according to Zalebs, the couple had the longest public relationship.

The couple split up this year without divorcing, and Babe started seeing someone else. The couple has recently been spending much too much time with their son, though. Here is what we know when we start to believe that it has returned: The “Ganda” singer and dancer recently shared a photo of a man she allegedly adores on social media.

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Since then, she has shared videos of him kissing her and giving her a passionate one-legged hug. After reports of her and Manpinsha’s split circulated on social media earlier this year, Babes shared these pictures. Additionally, neither Mampintsha nor his Instagram account have any photos of them that have been erased.

According to Family Zalebs, Mampintsha and Babes Wodumo are married and have a son who was born in 2022. Big Nuz was Mampintsha’s most well-known acting role. He continued to pursue a solo career following the dissolution of the group in 2015.

In 2002, Mandla Maphumulo, formerly known as “Mampintsha,” Mzi, formerly known as “Danger,” and Sbu teamed together to become “Big Nuz” (also known as Mashesha). They were brought up as brothers in Umlazi, KwaZulu-Natal, where they were raised. The group’s name is derived from the initial letter of every car’s license plate registered in Umrazi.

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They relocated to Johannesburg after founding the group in an effort to land a record deal. They had the opportunity to perform the jingle on his e.t.v. program Backstage that same year. Because of how wonderfully they played, record agreements were granted to them.

They ran into issues with record labels when they collaborated with Coroy LeBone and The Beat Makers to make music that was never released. They created the song Boom Boom in 2004 in collaboration with Ishmael, who was at the time the top Kwaito performer.

Mampintsha Net worth

According to Mampintsha, who has a net worth of $400,000, she intends to start selling Original Shandis Gin, her own brand of gin, in September.

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