Lil win warns Mr. Logic and Kwadwo Sheldon ahead of movie premiere

Amidst escalating tensions between the two personalities, Ghanaian actor and comedian Kwadwo Nkansah, better known by his stage name Lil Win, has caused controversy by saying that YouTuber Kwadwo Sheldon will not be allowed to attend the premiere of his new film, “A Country Called Ghana.”

After Sheldon publicly disapproved of Lil Win’s movie trailer, their disagreement grew more intense. Sheldon was prompted to act decisively after Lil Win voiced his dissatisfaction with his remarks.

Lil win warns Mr. Logic and Kwadwo Sheldon ahead of movie premiere

Regardless of Sheldon’s attempts to get tickets, Lil Win made it clear in a TikTok video that he would not be allowing him to attend the film premiere. In addition to Sheldon, Mr. Logic and fellow YouTuber Scanty are also banned; Lil Win claims that Mr. Logic has been unfairly critical of Sheldon.

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Addressing allegations of leveraging the actor’s fame for YouTube views, the actor demanded an apology from Sheldon, accusing him of exploiting their interaction for personal gain.

“Kwadwo Sheldon, Scanty, and Mr. Logic don’t set foot under the premiere even if you buy the ticket online. We will deduct the money from your account, but you can’t come to the event,” he asserted.

Moreover, the actor emphasized that his actions were not driven by financial considerations but rather by his commitment to his fans and the advancement of Ghana’s entertainment industry. He pledged to uphold national security directives and ensure order at the premiere, warning against any unauthorized attempts to attend the event.

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