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Life story of Annicchiarico: How did Annicchiarico die?

Vito Annicchiarico, was an Italian actor. Vito was 88 years old when he tragically died. He was brought up in Rome along with his siblings and mother.

The Italian actor was raised by a single parent after his dad was missing in Ethiopia. He was brought into the world in Grottaglie on February 26, 1934.

Vito started his career as a young actor and a supporting voice entertainer too. He is outstanding for his job as the child of the hero played by Anna Magnani as little Marcello in the movie Roma Citta Aperto ( 1945) coordinated by Roberto Rossellini.

Life story of Annicchiarico: How did Annicchiarico die?

Vito Annicchiarico

Vito Annicchiarico kicked the bucket at 88 years old years on 5 August 2022. The cause for his demise has not yet been uncovered and could have been that the entertainer’s passing is a natural cause.

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Vito will continuously be remembered for his participation in the demise scene of Anna Magnani, which today stays an extraordinary foot in the film.

By: Randy Osei Akoto Citixen

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