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Lagos State broadens its prohibition on motorbike taxis (Okadas)

In Lagos, there have been numerous traffic incidents involving motorcycle taxis.

Nigeria’s Lagos state government has banned “okadas,” which are motorcycle taxis, in four more local government areas and local council development areas.

The extension of the prohibition, according to transportation commissioner Frederic Oladeinde, is in the public’s and security’s best interests.

The rule will now be enforced in Kosofe, Oshodi-Isolo, Shomolu, and Mushing, which are all new local government areas.

When the ban was first put into place, officials in Lagos destroyed the 2,000 motorcycle taxis they had taken.

It was made because the lynching of a man by people who were thought to be riders in May caused a big fuss.

After a dispute over fares, on Sunday, David, a 38-year-old sound engineer, was slain in the affluent Lekki neighborhood. Outrage over his killing prompted authorities to take action.

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