Why Is Ken Ofori-Atta Still at Post? – Kwesi Pratt Questions

Kwesi Pratt Jr., the Managing Editor of the publication Insight, has posed the question of why Ken Ofori-Atta is still serving in his current position as Minister of Finance.

He was perplexed as to why Ken Ofori-Atta would read the mid-year budget review in spite of agitations by some Members of Parliament of both the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) and the largest opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) calling for his removal from office months ago because they reposed little or no confidence in him. These Members of Parliament had called for his removal from office.

Why Is Ken Ofori-Atta Still at Post? – Kwesi Pratt Questions

Mr. Pratt has a hard time comprehending why President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo and the New Patriotic Party appear unable to find a more qualified individual to fill the position of Finance Minister.

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“Does the NPP not have enough members? It is beyond my comprehension. Is it true that the NPP no longer has members? There are individuals at the party; thus, where are these exceptionally intelligent people? … He questioned whether or not there was only one individual in the NPP who had an understanding of economics.

On Monday, the Minister of Finance gave a presentation to Parliament on the mid-year assessment of fiscal policy, in which he highlighted some of the economic changes that the government has outlined to help rebuild the economy.

Kwesi Pratt discussed a number of different areas of the economy and highlighted the steps that the government is taking to enhance the living standards of Ghanaians.

However, the fact that the Minister is still in command of the country’s finances is problematic in Kwesi Pratt’s eyes.

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“Do not they realise that the very fact that Ken Ofori-Atta is still in charge and presenting the budget is a problem?” is a rhetorical question. The veteran Journalist continued by asking the NPP, Can they not see that it is a significant barrier for them? Can they not comprehend that?”

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