Kumchacha Reacts to Agyin-Asare’s Comment about Nogokpo

Kumchacha, a well-known spiritual leader who has expressed his discontent with the unfavorable response from internet users that followed Archbishop Charles Agyin-Asare’s apologies about his statement about Nogokpo being a demonic headquarters during one of his sermons.

The statement was made during one of Archbishop Charles Agyin-Asare’s sermons.

The contentious statement was made while the individual was relating an occurrence that took place in the Volta Region and involved spiritual attacks.

Kumchacha Reacts to Agyin-Asare’s Coment about Nogokpo

Kumchacha vehemently defended Archbishop Agyin-Asare in an interview that was published on the Facebook page of Adepa TV. He emphasized that the bishop is a respectable and unproblematic man of God who deserves some understanding when he makes a mistake.

“In this life, there is no one who is perfect… Archbishop Agyin-Asare has been the target of online insults from a number of different people. “I’ve heard that some people are calling him a fake, a fraud, and even questioning his divine calling,” Kumchacha shared with me.

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Kumchacha went on to defend the famous cleric and expressed his astonishment at the continuous, severe criticism that has been leveled against him, despite the fact that an apology has already been given. Kumchacha said that statements like this offer no positive contributions to the discussion.

“While it is appropriate for you to provide criticism of the message, it is essential that you refrain from attacking the messenger… It is not at all inappropriate to disagree with him in any way. One is able to confess that he is a man of God who has erred greatly and apologize for his actions.

Since he is a human being, the rapture will not find him to be the only one transported to heaven at that time. ” However, there are individuals on the internet who are relentlessly degrading him and branding him as a fake prophet,” Kumchacha asserted in a fiery manner.

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After delivering a sermon in which he discussed heavenly protection and the existence of evil spirits, the acclaimed creator and leader of Perez Chapel International, Archbishop Charles Agyin-Asare, has been subjected to heavy criticism.

Even though he has profusely apologized for his actions, he continues to be the target of severe criticism on the internet.

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