Kumawood Actor “kolege” Loses Pregnant Wife and Child During Delivery.

An enormous misfortune has befallen Kumawood actor Okomfo Kolege, who goes by the name Collins Oteng in his personal life. It has been claimed that the actor’s wife has passed away.

According to a post that was published on ZionFelix.net, Kolege’s wife, who was pregnant, passed away in the hospital when she was giving birth to their child. According to the additional information in the article, Kolege not only lost his wife but also their child.

The information was verified by an Instagram post made by the blogger, @nanabaffdotcom. Two pictures of Kolege’s wife were included in the post.

In one of the pictures, the woman was seen smiling beside her spouse. The second was a photograph documenting her pregnancy and revealing her growing baby belly.

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Our thoughts are with the actor in these difficult time.

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