Kumasi: 26 year old Lady Shot dead by ‘Alleged’ Boyfriend

At Adum in Kumasi, a young man who is thought to be the victim’s lover is accused of shooting and killing a woman who was 26 years old.

The incident that took place on Thursday night took place a short distance away from the residence of the dead person.

Some eyewitnesses claim that they heard the deceased Victoria Dapaah pleading with the young man, who was only named Takum, not to kill her and assuring him that she had not cheated on him. According to these witnesses, they heard her say that she had not cheated on him.

According to the statements made by eyewitnesses, the young man apparently went ahead anyway and shot her many times.

In an interview, the mother of the deceased person, Adwoa Nyarko, stated that when her daughter received a phone call from the young man, she went outside to visit him.

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She stated that the family is unable to confirm whether or not the deceased person was in a relationship with the person who is believed to have performed the act. However, she noted that the family is unable to corroborate this.

As a result, the family is demanding that justice be done regarding the situation.

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