Mid-Year Budget review: John Kumah sends important message to Ghanaians

During the 2023 Mid-Year Budget Review in Ghana, the Deputy Finance Minister, Dr. John Ampontuah Kumah, voiced his support for the words made by the Finance Minister.
He also expressed optimism about the future.

He emphasised that the government is operating within the budget, which is a positive indication for the economy of the nation and inspires confidence in its future.

During an appearance on the morning show Dwaso Nsem broadcast on Asempa FM on Monday, he further emphasised that the government is dedicated to cooperating with private sector businesses in order to establish a stronger economy.

“I feel what the Finance Minister said is a positive thing, and the fact that the administration is making attempts to keep within the budget is a good thing as well.

Mid-Year Budget review: John Kumah sends important message to Ghanaians

It demonstrates both hope and confidence in the path that our economy will take. Dr. Kumah made the following declaration: “We will work closely with the private sector to support and boost our economy.”

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Dr. Kumah asked the public to moderate their expectations, realising that the government cannot fulfil every demand on its own, despite the fact that he acknowledged the difficulties associated with meeting expectations in a variety of industries.

He emphasised that there is always a greater commitment than what the government is earning and that this is the case across the board.

“We need to lower our expectations and realise that the government cannot do everything by itself,” he suggested. “We need to realise that the government cannot do everything by itself.”

Dr. Kumah emphasised that the administration is on the right track and is convinced that the IMF review will be beneficial, despite the fact that he acknowledged the limits.

He said that the decisions that the government makes are based on the needs of the people and that there are times when it is necessary to lower certain expenses in order to cater to other pressing requests.

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The requirements of the people serve as the primary motivation for the acts of the government. He made it clear that even though it is possible that we would have to make some tough decisions, we recognise how important it is to cater to the requirements of our population.

After suffering major economic setbacks in 2022, Ghana is currently enjoying some positive results as a consequence of the country’s efforts to turn around its economy, according to the Minister of Finance, Ken Ofori-Atta, who made the announcement.

However, Dr. Kumah commended the Finance Minister’s instruction and asked the public to comprehend the issues that the government is facing while promising them that the government will continue to work hard to aid the people. He also called on the public to understand why the government is facing these challenges.

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