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Kofi Adjorlolo calls out TV stations showing Nigerian movies without authorization

Actor Kofi Adjorlolo is not happy with some TV stations that he claims show Nigerian films without getting permission from the proper copyright holders.

Many Nigerian producers, he says, assert that these YouTube stations and channels are fast to promote their work that they illegally downloaded, especially when they cast performers from Ghana.

Kofi Adjorlolo calls out TV stations showing Nigerian movies without authorization

As a result, according to Kofi Adjorlolo, speaking on Daybreak Hitz on Hitz FM, these producers are reluctant to cast any Ghanaians or to ignore them completely.

“They are not happy that Ghanaians are uploading the movies.” The films are uploaded, and the following day they are aired on respective platforms.

“As soon as Ghanaians see and know we are in the movie, they download and show it on their TVs, and that is affecting our ability to get work done here in Nigeria,” he explained.

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Kofi Adjorlolo said it is disappointing that TV stations will not seek permission for an international work, that has copyright laws protecting it before broadcasting it.

“If you don’t ask for permission and you telecast, there are consequences for that. Producers in Nigeria can decide to stop using Ghanaian actors due to this,” he said.

The veteran actor added that this practice could significantly limit the casting of Ghanaians in Nigerian movies, ultimately affecting their income and finances.

“Do you know how many Ghanaians are working here—Anthony Wood, James Gardiner, and the rest, even Jackie left not long ago? They give us the opportunity to work, so our livelihood is a concern here.

“A lot of African countries see Nollywood as a stepping stone; every Ghanaian actor wants to be in Nollywood, and we are doing this to them… It’s not good; they are complaining so bitterly,” Kofi Adjorlolo said.

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He called on the National Media Commission (NMC) and independent broadcasters, including other movie unions, to step in to curb the problem.


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