I’m not arrogant; I speak the truth – Kennedy Agyapong

Kennedy Ohene Agyapong, a member of parliament for Assin Central and a presidential aspirant of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), has voiced his worry about the unfair characterization of people as arrogant when they speak the truth.

On the programme Face to Face that airs on Citi TV, the famous business mogul lamented the fact that the unfair portrayal of people who speak the truth as arrogant discourages many others from freely addressing important problems because they do not want to be labelled as arrogant.

I’m not arrogant; I speak the truth

“In Ghana, there are a lot of people who are hesitant to say the truth because they are worried that others will think that they are arrogant. The politician from Assin Central told the show’s host, Umaru Sanda Amadu, “When you speak the truth, they say you are arrogant, and they say you are insulting.”

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When asked what he thinks about his often considered harsh commentary and responses on public radio and television stations, he responded as follows: “I always reciprocate actions, and before I come out, you would have done it for several times that I did not even say anything, and one day, when I come out, because it is me, then the public begins to have problems with my response, and I think that is unfair.”

“If we truly want to grow our country, then we should all have confidence, be  bold, be  honest, be  truthful, and be  disciplined in our efforts to improve this country. But it is inappropriate, in my opinion, for someone to chastise you for anything you have said after you have responded to claims and insults made against you by another person while ignoring what they have said about you in the first place,” Mr. Agyapong continued.

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He continued his defense by arguing that he is a good example that is worth learning from because the sum of his positive acts is greater than the sum of his purportedly negative works or activities.

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