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Ken Block Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Parents, Wife, Family, Cause of Death

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Ken Block Biography

American rally driver Ken Block, whose full name is Kenneth Paul Block, competes internationally. On November 21, 1967, he was conceived in the state of California.

As a result of his risky driving antics, he gained instant notoriety online. As a competitor, Ken Block was a part of the Monster World Rally Team, which eventually changed its name to the Hoonigan Racing Division.

Ken Block shifted his focus in the business sector to Hoonigan Industries, a clothing brand catered to motor lovers, after selling his stock in DC Shoes, one of the firm’s co-founders. As one of the company’s co-owners and “Head Hoonigan in Charge,” Ken Block was well-known (HHIC).

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In the same year that Ken Block started his career as a rally driver, the Rally America Championship named him Rookie of the Year. He participated in both the World Rally Championship and the X Games, where he competed in rallycross and won several medals.

He also competed in a wide range of action sports events, including skateboarding, snowboarding, and motocross. Ken Block, 55, lost his life on Monday, January 2, 2022, after getting hurt while riding a snowmobile.

The incident happened in the county of Wasatch in the state of Utah. Ken Block was riding in the Mill Hollow region when his snowmobile overturned on a steep hill and collapsed on top of him, according to the local sheriff’s office. While Block was standing on the slope, the tragedy happened. He was found to be dead at the scene of the collision.

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On Monday, Hoonigan Racing, his team, announced his passing. Hoonigan released a statement on Instagram that said, “It’s with our greatest regrets that we can announce that Ken Block lost his life tragically in a snowmobile accident today.” In the field of snowmobile racing, Ken Block was a pioneer.

Ken was a trailblazer, a pioneer, and an idol in his industry. And, perhaps most importantly, a father and a spouse. In our lives, he will be sadly missed.

Ken Block Cause of Death

On January 2, 2022, Ken Block passed away at the age of 55 as a result of a snowmobile accident. Wasatch County in Utah is where the incident took place.

Ken Block was traveling on a steep hill, according to the local sheriff’s office, when the snowmobile overturned and fell on top of him.

Ken Block Age

Ken Block was born in California, USA, on November 21, 1967. On November 21, 2022, he will be five years old. He passed away in January 2023.

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Ken Block Height

Ken Block was 1.83 meters tall.

Ken Block Parents

Ken Block was born in California, in the United States. Ken Block’s parents, however, were unknown as of the time of this writing. Details like their names, ages, and jobs are unknown because they spent their lives hidden from the public.

Ken Block Wife

Lucy Block, Ken Block’s wife, is left behind. Since 2014, the couple has been married.

Ken Block Children

Regarding his family, Ken Block has always been guarded. Although the names of their three daughters have not been made public, he and his wife, Lucy Block, had three of them.

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