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Kanye West plans shock new career move that he’s been developing for months and even has demo website

Kanye West is launching his own news channelcredit.

Kanye West and his spouse, Bianca Censori, just had an opulent trip to Dubai.

Ye, a rapper better known by his stage name Touch The Sky, has been working on the idea in the background for some time. He even created a demo website that his team is utilizing to test their production.


Ye is very ambitious, but even his close friends and family are surprised by his goals, according to a source.


Kanye thought if he executed it right, it might be a big success, and his team had been working on it covertly for months.


“Ye wants to offer consumers an alternative to what they would typically get from conventional goods.

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His admirers can watch it from anywhere in the world, but it will debut in the US.

“You put a lot of effort into this project and had a staff that checked the production line every day.

“That has the potential to grow really large if he is successful.”

I can see that Kanye was upset when he was called out for anti-Semitic remarks last year, as numerous TV stations banned him from airing and postponed interviews with him. He sees this as a means of guaranteeing that he will always be heard.

He is putting a lot of effort into his next record in addition to his covert endeavor.


Together with Ty Dolla $ign, he set the record, which, according to sources, may be broken in a matter of weeks.

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Originally scheduled for release in October, the album’s release date was ultimately postponed.


During the Mowala catwalk show at London Fashion Week, Kanye unveiled a song from the album, Vultures.

When I first disclosed this information last month, Kanye had also expended thousands of euros to woo back his Australian architect wife, Bianca Censori.

When their relationship hit a rough patch, he treated her to an opulent trip to Dubai. That Kanye managed to take a break and enjoy the vacation surprises me.

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