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A well-known figure in Kenyan politics, Juliana Cherera serves as Vice Chair of the Non-Participatory Price Commission for Elections and Boundaries. After receiving 100% of the vote, Juliana Wong-cherera has been appointed to the position of Model Vice President of the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC).

The whole governor’s office reports to Juliana Cherera, who serves as the executive director. In this particular initiative, Juliana Chirera was primarily in charge of the Kesoni sub-district, which was the most significant sub-district in all of Mombasa.

Under the aegis of “Collectively for Mombasa,” Juliana Cherera was one of the numerous leaders who led and organized the Governor’s Meal Distribution Program along with comrades and well-wishers. This effort was carried out under the cover of “Collectively for Mombasa.”

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Birthday, birthplace, zodiac sign, ethnicity, country, and further information on Juliana Cherera
Anecdotes suggest that Juliana Cherera is of Kenyan nationality, that her zodiac sign is unavailable for purchase, and that her ethnicity is not officially acknowledged. Juliana cherera, who is between 30 and 40 years old, was born in Mombasa County, Kenya.

Juliana Cherera Early Life, Education, and Biography 

A well-known figure in Kenyan politics, Juliana Cherera serves as Vice President of the Nonpartisan Pricing Foundation for Elections and Boundaries. She was born in Kenya. Juliana Cherera was born and raised in Mombasa County, Kenya, where she attended both a private school in her birthplace as well as a private school in the surrounding area.

Juliana Cherera presently resides in the same location as her family. Juliana Cherera was thrust into the spotlight after the Kenya Elections Corporation downsized to presidential results and four commissioners from the Kenya Elections Corporation, known as the IEBC, rejected the presidential election results that have yet to be made public.

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Juliana Cherera Net Worth

Juliana Cherera is a prominent figure in Kenyan politics and serves as vice chair of the Unbiased Price Commission for Elections and Boundaries. She was born in Kenya. Juliana Wong Cherera was unanimously elected to the position of Vice Chair of the New Unbiased Model Election Prices and Boundaries (IEBC), and Juliana ChErera’s anticipated net worth as of the year 2022 has not been acknowledged.

Juliana Cherera Husband

It has not been determined whether Juliana Cherera is married or single. Juliana Cherera did not disclose the surname of her spouse to the public.

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