Juju Castaneda is Pregnant at 41: JuJu Castaneda Pregnancy Announcement – 2rvisionnews

The baby that JuJu Castaneda and her husband are about to have is their first. She just announced her pregnancy to her followers via an Instagram video.

In the video, the famous person can be seen wearing a jacket that matches her dress, which is white and glittery, which draws attention to the developing baby bump that she is hiding. The shadow of JuJu is immediately and prominently evident when the video first starts.

While she was wearing a white gown coated in glitter and putting on her sunglasses, JuJu Castaneda switched the camera to focus on her growing baby belly. In the glam video, JuJu gave the impression that she was walking down the red carpet. Additionally, she used the hashtags #Motherhood and #Thankful in the tagging of her post.

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In addition to the dress by Chanel, JuJu wore a black leather helmet with white diamond studs, black leather gloves, and a white pearl necklace. She took images of her child from a variety of angles to show how quickly he was developing.

The only thing that marred JuJu Castaneda’s immaculate appearance was a hint of orange-colored nude lipstick. JuJu’s most recent post was mostly made up of the words “flashy” and “lighting,” which made it sound less cheerful and more expensive.

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