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Josephine Mburu Biography

The President put Josephine Mburu name up for the position after she distinguished herself from the hundreds of other applicants during the interviews that were carried out by the Public Service Board in November of last year.

Josephine Mburu Education

Josephine Mburu has a doctorate in public health from Jomo Kenyatta University and a master’s in public health from Kenyatta University College. Her concentration was epidemiology, and she also has a minor in health services administration. Both of these degrees are in public health.

Josephine Mburu Career

The 56-year-old woman has been employed by the Ministry of Health for the past 34 years, during which time she has worked her way up through the ranks to become a lecturer at the publicly-owned Kenya Medical Training College prior to her appointment.

Prior to then, she held the positions of head of the microbiology unit, head of the national tuberculosis reference laboratory unit, and acting chief medical laboratory technician. She also served as the acting head of the national public health system between April and August of 2021.

A cursory examination of her curriculum vitae reveals that she first entered the workforce in the microbiology departments of the Gatundu and Kiambu hospitals between the years 1988 and 1994.

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Mburu stated to the members of Parliament while she was being vetted in Parliament that during the time she has been working, she has never been removed from office, sacked, or mentioned in any investigative reports.

“The nominee explained that her training and experience in the health sector since 1988 will enable her to identify the challenges and gaps in the health system and find solutions to the gaps,” a report from the departmental committee on health says.

“The nominee also stated that she will be able to find solutions to the gaps in the health system because of her ability to find the challenges and gaps in the health system.”

The committee that was chaired by Robert Pukose came to the conclusion that the nominee was qualified to serve in the post of PS for health standards and professional management, and they went on to suggest that she be given the job.

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It was mentioned that she possesses a wealth of knowledge in addition to extensive experience in the management of health-related operations and issues.

According to another part of the document, “the nominee’s knowledge and understanding on the subject matter of health were exemplary,” despite the fact that her strengths were perceived to lie in academic and regular administrative processes.

Mburu had determined that achieving universal health coverage (UHC) within the next five years would be her primary objective.

Josephine Mburu  Husband

There is no information known about Josephine Mburu’s husband or her family at this time.

The Most Recent Updates on Josephine Mburu

It’s unlikely that Josephine Mburu, the principal secretary who was sacked on Monday for her role in the most recent Kemsa controversy, is a stranger to scandals.

Josephine Mburu’s dismissal may have come as a surprise to the PS, who has only been in office for a little over five months, because she was the first state appointee in the administration of President William Ruto to lose her post.

A day after he promised to crack the whip on alleged graft in the agency to salvage the image of the government in the eyes of international donors, Ruto sacked her along with other employees. Ruto also fired other officials.

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“I am taking action to address the situation. You will observe the outcomes. During an interview that took place on Sunday, he made the following statement: “I want to give you my commitment; I will clean up Kemsa, whatever it takes, whatever it costs.”

Mburu is currently the focus of an investigation over the agency’s sale of 3.7 billion Kenyan shillings (Sh3.7 billion) worth of mosquito nets. This comes on the heels of the $7 billion COVID-19 pandemic scam.

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