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John Kerry lights up global warming panel with gas [+video]

John Kerry, the climate czar, is hyperbolic. Speaking about coal burning, he claims he’s becoming “more militant,” which led to an unplanned outburst.

John Kerry stated that the United States is dedicated to breaking its coal addiction, as previously reported. His anger over it was so intense that on Sunday, he used his own methane to light up a panel in Dubai. Check it out for yourself by watching the NY Post video below.

Becky Anderson, CNN Abu Dhabi’s managing editor, seems to have learned of the inappropriate burping. Yet she didn’t lose her composure. Holding her nose and biting her tongue, she knew that Kerry’s policies would satisfy the few CNN viewers who still tuned in.

Kerry breezed past everything, not caring about the 800-pound gorilla (or smelly cloud) that was present in the space. Kerry excels at avoiding the obvious, though.

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John Kerry lights up global warming panel with gas

A shoe was thrown at his son’s head in Baghdad; he ducked it with style, something Kerry could never do; Jimmy Carter’s insane rabbit attack; George H.W. Bush vomiting at a dinner in Japan; and various presidents’ tumbles and trips should all go under the category of embarrassing moments for politicians.

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