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Transgender Jay Boogie in critical condition after failed BBL, urgently requires kidney transplant

Jay Boogie, a well-known transgender activist from Nigeria, is currently facing a scenario that could cost him his life. He is currently in a critical state since both of his kidneys have failed.

The critical circumstances are the direct result of a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) operation that went horribly wrong, and at this point, the only chance to save his life is to do an emergency kidney transplant.

On an Instagram Live broadcast a few weeks ago, Jay Boogie candidly discussed the issues that had developed as a result of the botched BBL surgery. What was supposed to improve his appearance turned out to be a nightmare, creating major health problems as well as cosmetic concerns, including the inability to urinate properly. This was all intended to improve his appearance.

Transgender Jay Boogie in critical condition after failed BBL

Dr. Loveth, a fellow activist, has been very active in trying to garner support for Jay Boogie ever since it became public that he was in a critical situation. Dr. Loveth provided a frightening update on the severity of Jay Boogie’s health condition and revealed the terrible truth:

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“Jay Boogie needs a kidney transplant at this point! Both of the kidneys have given out! We prayed for it and hoped that it would never come to this point, but here we are! I will be posting other updates very soon!”

It is impossible to exaggerate how urgent the current situation is. It is imperative that quick action be taken in order to make arrangements for Jay Boogie to have a kidney transplant as soon as possible. The issues that arose as a result of the botched surgery have not only had an effect on his physical well-being, but they have also sparked an outcry for community support within the neighbourhood.


As a community, we have come together to lend our support to Jay Boogie, and in doing so, it is imperative that we raise awareness about the dangers connected with cosmetic treatments as well as the significance of selecting medical practitioners who are certified.

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The story of Jay Boogie provides a sobering reminder of the possible risks that can be associated with elective surgery. It also highlights the importance of conducting extensive research and giving such procedures great consideration before going ahead with them.


At this crucial juncture, members of the transgender community in Nigeria and their allies from across the world need to work together to raise the funds necessary for Jay Boogie to have a kidney transplant. Through our combined efforts, we have the potential to make a difference and give someone whose life is on the line hope.

Let us band together in unity and support as we traverse the difficult path towards preserving Jay Boogie’s life, and let us do it by standing in solidarity with one another.

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