I’ve spent the money, where will I get to refund? – Mahama on calls to return ex gratia

John Dramani Mahama, the former president, has claimed he lacks the funds to pay back the ex gratia that was given to him.

On Sunday, March 5, during his speech at the National Democratic Congress (NDC) Professional Forum Dinner and Awards Night in Accra, Mr. Mahama said, to the audience’s laughter, “I say we will cancel ex gratia; if you will also cancel it, say it, but why are you insulting me and saying I should refund mine? Tell the Ghanaians if you’ll cancel it or not, but I should bring mine first, according to them.

“I already spent the money, and now that I’m retired, where will I find the money to repay it? I don’t have a job, and you say I shouldn’t work, but they say bring yours to demonstrate your good faith.

“They claim that the president shouldn’t hold the office of profit, so you gave it to me, I used it, and then you said I should return it. Where am I going to return it?

They are unaware of the seriousness of the situation. I do believe that individuals who speak on behalf of the NPP don’t really grasp the seriousness of the problem, but it is excellent for our party.

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He had already called Martin Kpebu, a private attorney, foolish for saying that he should refund all ex gratia payments made to him in the past after he had promised to annul them.

On March 4, Mr. Mahama addressed NDC supporters in the Volta region, saying, “I said categorically that when we come into office, we will cancel ex gratia for the executives because the president is in charge of the executives, so he can cancel it for the executives.

But then you have to persuade the other arms of government to see that there is no fairness in continuing to pay ourselves ex gratia when the ordinary worker does not receive it because you are the executive Why should we continue to accept ex gratia when the rest of the public and civil services don’t while the economy is in trouble? I therefore stated unequivocally that we would discontinue exgratia.

Then a lawyer who ought to know better said, “Then I should refund all the ex gratia we took before to show Ghanaians that yes, we are serious about canceling it. He does not even know the principle in our constitution that states that you can’t pass retroactive legislation.

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if you pass legislation today, it does not affect what happened in the past. What he says is a bit silly because it’s like saying that because we’ve introduced free SHS, all of us should That illustrates how absurd his claims are.

Since Mr. Mahama indicated that he would revoke the ex gratia payment if he were to win the next presidential elections, Mr. Martin Kpebu said it made sense to request that he return it.

Mr. Kepbu urged Mr. Mahama to repay all funds provided to him as a show of commitment.

Hama made money while serving as president, so he should examine himself and declare, “I will return it,” according to Mr. Kpebu, who was speaking on “Important Points on TV3 on Saturday, March 4. He ought to return it because these national elections will result in hundreds of millions of dollars being spent.

The exgratia is modest because they made money. He should therefore just inform the populace that “I have aged, I believe I have gained wisdom, and I am returning the money.” His exgratia should be returned.

You may be familiar with Peace FM’s Dan Kwaku Yeboah, who I believe is the main advocate for Mr. Mahama’s ex-gratia return. I thought it made sense as I looked at it. Mr. Mahama ought to reflect and return it as a token of his commitment to staying the course once he has returned the money. Second, he should put the amendment in writing.

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When Mr. Mahama is given the go-ahead to lead this nation once more, he has pledged to abolish ex gratia.

As Mr. Dramani Mahama announced his candidacy as the National Democratic Congress’ 2024 presidential candidate, he said: “The payment of ex gratia to members of the administration will be stopped” (NDC).

“The constitutional processes that are required to do this will begin in earnest in 2025.” He promised, “We will also convince members of the other organs of government to agree to its removal.”

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