Is chase a reliable bank: Everything about Chase Bank

Is chase a reliable bank: Everything about Chase Bank

Small banks and credit unions are wonderful, but don’t overlook large brands. Chase Bank provides several client perks.

In fact, Chase Bank is offering tremendous benefits for new checking and savings account customers right now. Next, goodies. First, essentials.

All About Chase Bank

Chase Bank offers banking, savings, credit cards, mortgages, and more. Chase can help you consolidate your accounts, loans, and cards.

Though it’s wise to shop around, having all your financial “stuff” with one supplier might be beneficial. If you frequent your local bank for customer care, they may get to know you and your needs, making payments easier.

Chase is widely available and offers all banking services. It has about 4,700 branches and tens of thousands of ATMs in the U.S. Chase provides a good online banking system if you can’t find a branch or ATM while traveling.


Chase Savings: There are various straightforward methods to eliminate Chase Savings’ $5 monthly cost.

Great Technology: Chase spends a lot of effort and money on consumer technology. Its website and mobile site are user-friendly. Mobile deposits of up to $2,000 per day are handy if you’re away from an ATM.

Technology-wise, Chase integrates your bank accounts. You can check your bank, savings, and credit card balances instantly on your mobile account. You may pay bills, transfer money, and wire money from your phone. Chase offers smartphone alerts, too. These alert you when your account is low or when your paycheck is deposited.

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Many Chase credit cards provide bonuses. If you need a travel or points rewards card, consider merging it with Chase. Chase Sapphire Preferred® and Southwest Rapid Rewards® Premier Credit Cards are solid choices.

Free Options: Beware bank fees while transferring banks. Chase’s checking and savings account interest rates are typical of big banks. So avoid monthly account fees that eat up your interest.

Chase Premier Plus and Premier Platinum Checking account holders earn interest. These accounts require $15,000 and $75,000 average daily balances in linked accounts to avoid penalties.

If you have a Chase mortgage and make automatic mortgage payments from your checking account, you might get a free Chase Premier Plus checking account. Current mortgage holders should choose an interest-bearing checking account without fees.

Finally, Chase provides a high school or college student account. This account charges $6 monthly. Set up a monthly direct deposit or link the account to a parent’s or guardian’s Chase bank account to avoid costs.

Chase checking accounts cost money. However, non-interest-bearing account conditions are easy to satisfy. Chase savings accounts Like checking accounts, savings accounts have a monthly service charge that can be waived for various reasons.

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The basic Chase Savings (SM) account needs a minimum daily balance of $300, one automatic, repeated $25 transfer from a checking account, or connection to a higher-level checking account. Free checking accounts are available to under-18s.

Higher-interest savings accounts, like checking accounts, have stricter conditions to avoid the monthly service cost. This requires a $15,000 daily balance or a high-level checking account.

Chase account minimums are low. Opening a basic checking account costs $0.


Every good banks have flaws.

Lower Interest Rates: Online-only banks with streamlined processes sometimes offer greater interest rates. Full-service, brick-and-mortar banks, such as Chase, are the polar opposite.Chase’s savings account APY is 0.01%.

Regional: Chase Bank is a nationwide chain, but not everywhere. Before opening an account, verify the banks and ATMs in your neighborhood or where you visit.

Account Fees: Chase checking and savings accounts might be free if you satisfy all the requirements. Other banks provide no-strings checking and savings accounts.

You may avoid most Chase account fees by opening a single checking and savings account, ideally linked. Chase isn’t the ideal choice if you want separate checking and savings accounts for different purposes.

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Low mobile deposit limits: If you’re a company owner or freelancer who receives checks and prefers mobile deposits, Chase may not be for you. Mobile check deposit limits are $2,000 daily and $5,000 monthly.

Regular paycheck depositors shouldn’t have a problem. You may only utilize mobile deposit for the personal checks you receive once in a while. This low limit may cause issues for frequent check depositors.

Top Credit Cards, Checking Accounts, and Bonuses

Reward Programs

Big balance transfer savings

24/7 Support

Low Deposit Rates

In conclusion

If you use Chase Bank’s other services, checking and savings may be a good fit. This bank has a robust internet presence and an easy-to-use mobile app. If you want the cheapest accounts with the best interest rates, you may need to search elsewhere.

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