Ini Edo Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Husband, State Of Origin, Net Worth

Ini Edo Biography

Ibibio is a language that originated in the Onna Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State, which is where Ini Edo was born and raised.

Ini Edo is the middle child of a family of four, which also includes an older cousin whom she regards as her older sister and two younger siblings. She is the second child.

While her mother worked as an educator, her father served as an elder in the local church. She was brought up in a household that adhered to a rigid set of rules and was very devoutly religious, both of which contributed to her development into the sweet young lady that we all adore.

Ini Edo was the most stubborn member of her family, in spite of the fact that her parents kept a close eye on her as she was growing up to make sure she didn’t wander off the path she was supposed to follow.

Before continuing her education at the University of Uyo, Akwa Ibom, Ini, who was born and raised in Calabar, received her diploma in theater arts from Cornelius Connely College, where she also earned her degree.

Ini Edo proceeded with her education at the University of Calabar, from which she ultimately emerged with a degree in English language.

Ini Edo Personal Life

Ini and Phillip Ehiagwina, a Nigerian businessman who resides in the United States, tied the knot in a church ceremony in Nigeria in November 2008, making their marriage official under Nigerian law.

The wedding took place in February of the following year in Houston, Texas, which is also the location where her husband currently resides. However, it did not play a significant role in her decision to stay married.

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The marriage lasted for six years before it ended in 2014, and the woman, who had been Mrs. Ehiagwina at the time, denied allegations that she had cheated on her husband while citing “irreconcilable disagreements” as the primary reason for the breakup of the marriage.

It was rumored that the beautiful actress had had Ruth Okoro, who had previously been married to Philip Ehiagwina, kidnap her husband and take him away from her.

It is estimated that the home she owns in the Lekki neighborhood of Lagos could be worth as much as 70 million naira. Clubbing is one of her favorite activities, and she has a number of cars that are fairly expensive.

Ini Edo Career

During a strike at her school, she and a friend went to an audition, which was the beginning of her career in Nollywood.

Ini Edo was chosen to play the main character in the film “Child of Destiny.” However, her breakthrough performance was in the film “World Apart” (2004), and ever since then she has not stopped working.

Ini Edo has appeared in over one hundred films, including “Games Women Play,” “Games Men Play,” and the sequel “Reloaded.”

As a result of her participation in more than 150 films, a number of endorsements, and a variety of other projects, Ini Edo is reportedly surrounded by wealth and has a net worth that is estimated to be sixty million Naira.

Ini Edo’s endorsement deals include contracts with companies like Noble Hair and Slim Tea, as well as a decade-long role as a brand ambassador for the cosmetics company GLO.

In addition, she consented to take on the role of spokesperson for the well-known juice manufacturer Chivita. A new chapter in Ini’s professional life began to unfold when she took on the role of executive producer for the film “Memory of My Heart.”

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In 2011, the executive director of the new United Nations Habitat Youth Envoys selected Ini Edo, Ramsey Nouah, and another Bollywood celebrity, Vikram Vinod, to serve as youth ambassadors for the organization. Ini Edo was appointed alongside Ramsey Nouah and Vikram Vinod.

The director stated that it was anticipated of the appointed celebrities that they would participate in urban issues while also assisting the United Nations organization in bettering the lives of young people around the world.

Ini Edo was a judge for the Miss Black Beauty pageant that took place in the UK in 2013. This well-known actor from Nollywood was selected to serve as a judge for the Miss Black UK Beauty competition in 2013. The competition took place in 2013.

Ini Edo’s promotion to the role of Special Assistant to the Governor of Akwa Ibom State on Culture and Tourism came as a result of an appointment made by Udom Gabriel Emmanuel in the year 2016.

Ini Edo Movies

As a producer, Ini Edo has been responsible for the creation of a wide variety of films, including Heaven on My Mind, Knocking on Heaven’s Door, Echoes of Love, and Memories of My Heart, amongst others. In addition, she has appeared in the following movies:

  • The One I Trust
  • World Apart (1&2)
  • Still In Love (1&2)
  • Not Yours
  • Negative Influence
  • Mothers-in-Law
  • Millionaire’s Daughter (1&2)
  • Love Crime (1&2)
  • Love & Marriage
  • Legacy
  • I Swear (1&2)
  • Indulgence (1&2)
  • Indecent Girl
  • Men Do Cry (1&2)
  • Lonely Heart (1&2)
  • Faces of Beauty (1&2)
  • Fatal Seduction (1&2)
  • One on One
  • My Confession
  • War Game (1,2&3)
  • Live to Remember
  • Emotional Blackmail (1&2)
  • Worth Enemy and Many More
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Ini Edo Awards

Ini Edo Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Husband, State Of Origin.


Ini Edo has been nominated for several awards for her contribution in the film Industry. Some of the awards she won include;

  • Best Actress Leading Role, Best Nollywood Awards, 2009
  • Best Actress Indigenous, Zulu African Film Academy Awards, 2011
  • Honorarium Appreciation Award, Golden Icons Academy Movie Awards, 2012
  • Best Act Female (English), Cross River Movie Award, 2013
  • Female Viewers Choice, Golden Icons Academy Movie Awards, 2013
  • Best Supporting Actress, Nollywood and African Film Critics Award (NAFCA), 2013
  • Best Actress – Africa Collaboration, Ghana Movie Award, 2015


Ini Edo Nominations

Ini Edo Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Husband, State Of Origin.

Ini Edo Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Husband, State Of Origin.

  • Best Actress In Leading role at the Golden Icons Academy Movie Awards, 2012
  • Female Viewers Choice at the Golden Icons Academy Movie Awards, 2012
  • Best Actress Leading Role at the Golden Icons Academy Movie Awards, 2014
  • The Best Comedic act at the Golden Icons Academy Movie Awards, 2014
  • Best Actress-Viewers Choice at the Golden Icons Academy Movie Awards, 2014
  • Best Actress at the Golden Icons Academy Movie Awards, 2015
  • Female Viewers Choice at the Golden Icons Academy Movie Awards, 2015
  • Best Actress Leading Role at the 11th Africa Movie Academy Awards in 2015
  • The Best Actress in a Comedy at the Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards in 2016
  • Best Actress- TV Series at the Nigeria Entertainment Awards in 2016

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