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Nazi Imran Khan Biography

Imran Ahmed Khan (Hi) (M) (PP, a Pakistani politician and former cricket captain, was born on October 5, 1952. From August 2018 to April 2022, when the National Assembly rejected him, he served as the nation’s 22nd prime minister. He founded and currently leads the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI).

Imran Khan was born into a Niazi Pashtun family in Lahore. He graduated from Keble College at the English University of Oxford in 1975. At the age of 18, he took the field for his nation for the first time in a Test series against England.

Imran Khan played until 1992, served as the team’s captain intermittently from 1982 to 1992 and led Pakistan to its first and only World Cup victory in 1992. One of cricket’s top all-arounders, he is well known. Khan amassed 3,807 runs and 362 wickets in Test cricket before being inducted into the ICC Cricket Hall of Fame.

Before he entered politics, Khan established the Namal College in Mianwali and two cancer facilities in Lahore and Peshawar. In 1996, Khan founded the PTI. He was elected from Mianwali to the National Assembly in 2002 as a member of the opposition. He held office until 2007.

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The PTI received more votes than any other party in the 2013 general election, despite not voting in the 2008 general election. PTI, which ran on a populist platform in the 2018 general election, garnered the most seats in the National Assembly. Next, it formed a coalition government with independents, with Khan serving as prime minister.

When Khan was the prime minister, he enlisted the IMF’s assistance to resolve a balance of payments issue. While in office, he reduced defense expenditure to lower the budget deficit, which boosted the economy. He was in charge when the current account deficit was declining.

Imran Khan passed rules that made it simpler to invest and collect taxes. His administration launched the Plant for Pakistan program and the Ehsaas Program, pledged to use renewable energy, and committed to expanding Pakistan’s protected areas.

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presided over the nation during the COVID-19 epidemic, which resulted in economic instability and a spike in inflation and jeopardized his political standing. Even though Khan promised to combat corruption, many Pakistanis believed it worsened under his leadership.

Imran Khan was charged with suppressing dissent and restricting free speech while making his political rivals seem bad.

Imran Khan became the first prime minister to be removed from office by a “no-confidence” vote in April 2022. During a time of constitutional crisis, this occurred.

Imran Khan was accused of breaking anti-terror legislation in August after claiming that one of his employees had been arrested and abused by the police and courts. An attempt was made on his life in November while he was attending a political event in Wazirabad, Punjab.

Imran Khan Wife

Imran Khan, a former Pakistani prime minister, has wed three times. Bushra Bibi Khan is his third wife. Six months before Khan was elected prime minister, she married him.

Imran Khan Family

Imran Khan, the nation’s former prime minister and captain of its cricket team, was a member of the family that served as Pakistan’s first family.

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On October 5, 1952, the father, Imran Khan, was born in Lahore. Ikramullah Niazi, his father, was the father. In his household of four females, he was the lone boy.

Imran Khan Net worth

Imran Khan, a Pakistani politician and former cricketer, is currently active in politics. He has $50 million in wealth. Imran Khan, who was born in November 1952, is most known for his more than 20 years of experience playing professional cricket.

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