‘I tried’ – Medikal hint of divorcing Fella

Ghanaian rapper Medikal seems to indicate that he and actress Fella Makafui are divorcing.

The rapper known as “AMG” wrote in a tweet that despite the fact that he has put in his very best effort, he has not been able to make his marriage work. He made the statement that marriage is not for creative people, including himself. I tried”

Medikal hint of divorcing Fella

Medikal continued to discuss his ideas in a following tweet, in which he stated, “Even God can attest to my efforts.” This suggests that he believes he has exhausted all of the options available to him in an effort to save the relationship, but without success.

It is not the first time that rumours concerning difficulties in the couple’s marriage have been brought to light. Fans of Fella Makafui and Medikal were left scratching their heads in November 2022 after the two musicians mysteriously removed all images of each other from their respective Instagram sites.

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During this time, Fella Makafui tweeted, “I’m about to make the hardest decision ever,” which may have been a hint that their relationship was going through some bad times.

Speculation surrounding the future of their partnership has been exacerbated by the public statements made by Medikal describing the difficulties that they are experiencing in their marriage.

It is not yet certain how the pair will get through these challenges or whether, in the end, they will decide to stay together as a married couple or separate and go their own ways.

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