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When Fan Milk PLC first brought yogurt and Fan Milk to Ghana, it also officially released various flavors of Yoghurt, new flavors with added zinc and nutrients which help build the body. New milk or cream is the basis for yogurt. It is frequently pasteurized first, then fermented with different live bacteria cultures, and kept at a particular temperature to promote bacterial development.

According to the trainer and skilled personnel, the product is created to meet the growing need for healthy foods that boost the body’s defenses against diseases like COVID-19.

Benefits Of Watching The Video Till The End

You will have the ability to make yogurt and fan milk that you can sell or consume with your family as a result of watching this video. You may rely on this to support yourself. One of the goals of this channel’s inception was to provide young people with skills.

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The people we teach are always benefited from product innovation at 2R vision. Since the beginning of this YouTube training, we have held to this idea since we have always been a business with a dual mission—social and economic. As a Youtube channel, we are even more dedicated to helping as many people as we can achieve good health via food.

Health Benefits of Yogourt

The natural sugar contained in milk, lactose, is fermented by the culture. Lactic acid is created as a result, giving yogurt its characteristic taste.

  • Promoting bone health and assisting with digestion are two potential health advantages.
  • Calcium, vitamins B6 and B12, riboflavin, potassium, and magnesium are all present in yogurt. The sums vary according to the kind.
  • Supporting bone health and improving digestion are examples of health advantages.
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