Harry Dunn Capitol Police Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Wife, Net worth

Harry Dunn Biography

Harry Dunn is an officer of the United States Capitol Police. Since his testimony on January 6, he has been widely covered in the media.

Harry Dunn Children and Wife

Has Officer Harry Dunn ever been married? According to the replies to Harry’s tweets, single ladies all around the world frequently ask this question.

This tall, dark, and attractive cop has received several declarations of love from women who have met him. Naturally, Harry Dunn’s marriage is the actual puzzle in this case.

First things first: Harry Dunn is a married man. Harry Dunn’s attractive wife, Danyel Moncree, is a police officer.

Harry Dunn is shown here with his wife, Danyel, and their child.
They have been married for a while—at least a few years. Harry and Mary Dunn’s daughter from their union is named Daphne. Daphne is about 10 years old and in the fifth grade.

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Harry Dunn Age

Harry Dunn, who was born in 1983, is currently 38 years old. Harry Dunn is how old? Officer Harry Dunn, who was born in 1983, is currently 38 years old. September 25, 2022, will mark his 39th birthday.

Dunn’s zodiac sign, according to his birthday, is Libra.

Harry Dunn Parents and Family

Father Harry Lee Dunn Sr. and mother Joyce Dunn are Harry’s parents. In Maryland, he and his siblings were raised by their parents.

Calynta Dunn is the name of Harry’s older sister. Harry was given his father’s name. In 2022, Harry’s parents will be 75 and 68 years old, respectively.

Harry hasn’t shared much else about his parents or his family with the public aside from that. His family appears to be leading a quiet existence away from the media’s lens.

Education of Officer Harry Dunn In 2006, Officer Harry Dunn received his degree from James Madison University. He holds a degree in the promotion and education of public health.

Deputy Harry Dunn In November 2009, career officer Dunn enlisted in the United States Capitol Police. He has now worked for the company for a total of 13 years and 9 months. While on the job on January 6, 2021, he saw racial and physical attacks during the Capitol Riot.

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Harry Dunn testified during the hearing on January 6.

When the American Capitol was under attack on January 6, 2021, Officer Harry Dunn was there to protect it. He was one of the police officers that testified at the hearing as a witness.

Several Capitol police officers protested after Dunn’s testimony that he had made it “all about race” by discussing the bigotry he had experienced that day.

However, Dunn said that they had only covered a portion of what he had to say and that he had also made an effort to uphold the courage of the whole department.

Harry Dunn Twitter and Instagram

In terms of social media, Harry Dunn has a Twitter account that, as of the time of this writing, has more than 134,000 followers. On Twitter, Dunn frequently expresses his personal opinions regarding many topics and circumstances.

Although Harry Dunn uses Instagram, his account is now hidden. Harry now has 457 posts on Instagram, 1,864 followers, and 1,670 followings.

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Deputy Harry Dunn Officer Harry Dunn’s height and weight are above normal at 6 feet 7 inches and 325 pounds, respectively. He is 2 meters tall and 106 kilos in weight, to translate.

Harry Dunn Salary and Net Worth

Officer Harry Dunn’s fortune is thought to be over $650,000. He has made a good living for himself as a police officer.

The average yearly salary for a police officer in the United States Capitol Police Department is around $80,915. The starting annual income ranges from $64,717 to $126,000. Officer Harry Dunn has worked as a police officer at the US Capitol for over 13 years, making an estimated $100,000 per year during that period.

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