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Hansel Marantan Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Net worth, Career, Family

Hansel Marantan Biography

Hansel Marantan was in charge of a checkpoint operation in January 2013 that killed 12 people, including Vic Siman, who was thought to be a “jueteng” operator. He had been the deputy intelligence chief of the Calabarzon police before.

The officers were given their discharge papers the following year after it was discovered that they had engaged in significant irregularities while performing their duties. The finding led to their dismissal.

Hansel Marantan’s request to have his case heard by the National Police Commission was recently granted, and the commission has since told Marantan and 12 of his soldiers to go back home.

Marantan would not have been reinstated, according to Director General Ronald Dela Rosa, who is the chief of the Philippine National Police (PNP).

Hansel Marantan Recovery

According to the people who filed the complaints, the police are accused of stealing several pieces of expensive jewelry, a Louis Vuitton bag, a Patek Philippe watch, and a Richard Mille watch, in addition to a vault containing three million pesos in cash. Also taken was a Louis Vuitton bag.

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According to Sermonia, 13 of the Chinese citizens were taken into custody and brought to the headquarters of the CIDG-NCR, which is located at Camp Crame.

“According to the complainants, they gave money to our operatives in exchange for their freedom,” she said. It has been reported that agents from the CIDG-NCR demanded P10 million from the group.

According to him, this information comes from the group. According to Police Col. Jean Fajardo, the spokesperson for the Philippine National Police, Marantan reportedly requested to be administratively relieved so that the ongoing investigation could continue.

Hansel Marantan Previous Controversy

Marantan had been involved in a number of contentious gun battles prior to the massacre that took place in Atimonan, Quezon province, in 2013.

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This particular conflict resulted in the deaths of thirteen people. When Marantan oversaw the police operation against accused “jueteng” operator Vic Siman, who was among those killed on January 6, 2013, with the assistance of soldiers, he was serving as the deputy intelligence director for the Calabarzon regional police at the time. Siman was one of those killed.

Hansel Marantan Shootout Or A Runout

Hansel Marantan says that Siman’s group shot at government soldiers who had been flagged down at a checkpoint as they were leaving the area.

The National Bureau of Investigation said that there was enough evidence to suggest that Siman was the intended target of a shootout, which is different from what the local authorities said happened.

Hansel Marantan, who was the leader of the 415th Provincial Police Mobile Group at the time of the killings in February 2010, is responsible for the deaths of eight presumed criminals.

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Just like the gunfight in Atimonan, the conflict broke out at a checkpoint in Candelaria town, which is located in Quezon. The checkpoint was staffed by both Marantan’s men and Army troops.

In addition, he was a participant in a police operation that took place in Paraaque City in December 2008 against a robbery gang. This operation resulted in the deaths of 16 people, including a migrant worker and his 7-year-old daughter, who was caught in the crossfire.

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