Greece shipwreck: Tearful reunion as survivor finds brother

An emotionally overcome 18-year-old guy, who was one of the people to survive the sinking of a boat in Greece, has been reunited with his older sibling.

Fedi was greeted by his brother Mohammad, who had travelled all the way from Italy to meet him in the port of Kalamata, where the survivors of the catastrophic shipwreck were being housed and cared for in a warehouse. Mohammad hugged Fedi as he passed through the gates.

Greece shipwreck: Tearful reunion as survivor finds brother

Mohammad briefly addressed the press present at the location of the reunion, and he did so while fighting back tears. He informed the reporters that Fedi had been living in Libya for two years.

The accident has now been verified to have claimed the lives of at least 78 individuals, but it’s possible that up to 750 others are still missing at sea. The BBC has been informed that there could have been as many as one hundred youngsters on board.

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Source: BBC

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