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Google now tells you the cheapest dates to book a flight: Here’s how

Google just updated Google Flights with more information that may enable you to save money by scheduling your travel for specific times of the day.

Consider that you wish to reserve your flights for a wintertime family vacation to Florida. When to book the flight to get the greatest deal is also provided by the search engine, along with information on whether costs are now lower or higher than normal.

Using a vacation to Miami from December 5 to December 19 as an example, I personally tried it. According to the company, the costs are roughly $58 for a roundtrip flight on Frontier Airlines, which is lower than typical. That suggests that making a reservation right now is worthwhile.

Google now tells you the cheapest dates to book a flight

I also attempted to reserve a trip for the period of March 6–March 13 to Cancun. It claimed that the $282 pricing was standard but that if I waited to book the travel between Nov. 11 and Feb. 9, costs would probably drop.

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Google’s Flights website informed me that “the best deals for comparable trips to Cancun are typically found about 1-4 months prior to takeoff. “On average, prices are about $40 less during this time.”

How to use Google Flights to find the cheapest time to fly

Visit on your phone to see for yourself.

After entering your destination and departure times, select “Done.”

If the costs are normal or not, it will let you know right away, before the list of departing flights. For further information, such as the ideal time to make a reservation, tap the down arrow.

source: CNBC

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