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Godfred Dame and Jakpa leaked tape summarized in 10 key points

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) made accusations that Godfred Dame, the Attorney General (AG), had tutored Richard Jakpa, a crucial witness, to accuse Dr. Cassiel Ato Forson, the Minority Leader, in a high-profile court matter.

The public publication of this audio has sparked intense debate and cast doubt on the fairness of the legal procedures against Dr. Ato Forson, who is accused of defrauding the state out of money in connection with the purchase of ambulances.

According to the audio, which allegedly captures the witness and the AG speaking, the witness was given advice on how to present his evidence in a way that would support Dr. Forson’s guilt.

10 major talking points from the contentious audio, between Godfred Dame and Jakpa and they are below

1. Accusations of Manipulation:

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The National Democratic Congress (NDC) accused Attorney-General Godfred Dame of coaching Richard Jakpa to skew evidence to help prosecute Minority Leader Cassiel Ato Forson.

2. Ambulance Purchase Contract Details:

The conversation started with discussions on the ambulance contracts, Letters of Credit (LC), and financial procedures. Jakpa explained that the contract required payment through irrevocable LCs for every tranche of 50 ambulances.

3. LCs as Financial Security:

Jakpa elaborated that LCs act as financial security for suppliers, becoming payable when shipping documents are presented, not upon delivery in Ghana.

4. Ethical Dilemma:

Jakpa expressed his ethical concerns, stating he couldn’t dishonestly alter his testimony to implicate Dr. Ato Forson, whom he believes to be innocent.

5. Concerns About Recording:

Dame expressed fears about the conversation being recorded, which Jakpa attempted to allay.

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6. Meetings with Justice Kulendi:

Jakpa mentioned multiple meetings with Dame at Supreme Court Justice Yonny Kulendi’s home, discussing the case.

7. Accusations Against Anemana:

Jakpa accused Anemana of authorizing payments despite issues raised by Ghana International Bank, implicating him in the irregularities.

8. Former Finance Minister’s Involvement:

Discussions touched on a letter from former Finance Minister Seth Terkper regarding the suspension of production, which was overridden by an A-G’s legal opinion.

9. Health Ministry’s Role:

Jakpa criticized the Health Ministry’s decision to refuse pre-shipment inspection under Sherry Ayittey’s tenure.

10. Medical Excuse Proposal:

Dame suggested Jakpa use a medical excuse to delay court proceedings, which Jakpa acknowledged but expressed concerns about potential repercussions.

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