52% of Ghanaians against Soldiers joining raid in Niger – Global InfoAnalytics

According to a two-day survey conducted between August 18 and August 19 by reputed research firm Global InfoAnalytics, 52% of Ghanaians are against Ghana getting involved in a military operation to restore democracy in Niger.



A total of 1,618 people from Ghana’s sixteen regions participated in the survey.


The poll found, among other things, that roughly 76% of Ghanaians agree that poor administration in those nations has led to coups in Africa. 7% are undecided, and 17% disagree with this viewpoint.


In addition, 49% of Ghanaians believe that coups are not a long-term remedy for poor governance, 43% disagree, and 8% are undecided.


The Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) activated its standby force on August 10 to restore constitutional order in that country after multiple failed attempts to hold a peaceful settlement following the removal of Niger President Mohamed Bazoum.

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52% of Ghanaians against Soldiers joining raid in Niger

At the ECOWAS Extraordinary Meeting in Abuja, the declaration was made by ECOWAS President Omar Alieu Touray as he read the organization’s decision about the coup in Niger.

The ECOWAS Chiefs of Defense Staff met in Accra on August 17 to examine the challenges and potential personnel mobilization a week after the directive.

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