Ghana introduces new 10% tax on betting and lottery winnings

Gambling, lottery wins, and winnings from other games of chance are now subject to a new tax in Ghana. All winners will be subject to a 10% tax, regardless of whether they come from the United States or another country.

In addition to this, betting businesses that operate within the country will be subject to a tax of 20% on all of their revenue.

The imposition of this new tax in Ghana has been met with a range of responses from its citizens. Some people have praised the move since it would bring in more money for the government, but others have criticised it because it will place an additional burden on a population that is already being financially taxed.

In recent years, the betting sector in Ghana has experienced substantial growth, and many Ghanaians have begun to resort to it as a means of making quick money.

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Concerns have been expressed as a result regarding the potentially negative social effects that the sector could have, such as compulsive gambling and addiction.

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