Galamsey Godess Aisha Huang Arrested Again After Deportation, Ghanaians React

News coming in shows that Aisha Huang, a Chinese lady, has been rearrested in Ghana after reports figured out that she is engaged in galamsey exercises in the country.

Reports from TV3 Ghana show that the lady came into the country through the land borders. She acquired a Togo Visa and slipped into the country through our boarders to proceed with her galamsey business.

In 2018, Aisha Huang was expelled from Ghana to China for doing unlawful mining in the country. She has returned to do the very business that prompted her extradition only a few years later.The Circuit Court has remanded her pending another court trial.

From the responses, some Ghanaians have some undeniable inclinations towards the Ghana Immigration Service. This is on the grounds that they neglected to take care of their business competently. Others affirmed that the lady might have paid some money to authorities that offered her the chance to do a galamsey in Ghana.

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The battle against unlawful mining in Ghana has forever been the battle of the president. Some chiefs in Ghana have been faulted for giving their territories to outsiders or individuals to mine. Waters’ bodies are constantly obliterated after these criminal operations.

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