Ga South: 9 students confirmed dead as boat ferrying them capsizes

The sinking of a boat on which 9 students were being transported to school on May 10 has been determined to have resulted in their deaths.

According to reports, the students were on their way from Faana to Kelee in the Ga South Municipality of the Greater Accra Region when the incident occurred.

According to the information that was provided by our correspondent Joseph Armstrong on Thursday, their ages ranged from 8 to 15.

The morgue at the Korle Teaching Hospital received the remains of eight of the children that were discovered earlier.

After a hurried search on Wednesday night and Thursday morning by worried young people, the body of the ninth youngster was found.

Joseph Armstrong was informed by Christian Afiadenyo, the Municipal Director of the National Accident Management Organization (NADMO), that there were three students who had survived the accident.

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Despite the fact that he cannot confirm this information, he asserted that before the incident, one of the students, a young boy, was steering the boat.

Mr. Afiadenyo speculated that the youngster might have been one of the three people who managed to escape.

Since the tragic event took place, it is reported that the town has entered a period of mourning in its entirety.


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