The flooding one of the major rivers in the Afram Plains

The flooding of Bosom, one of the major rivers in the Afram Plains (Ghana) 

The vast majority of individuals who identify as Christians show thankfulness to their creator. In accordance with custom, all church leaders rise bright and early, feeling energized and attentive, in order to give the messages to congregant members.

This narrative was given by Frank Ampomah, an elder of the Church of Pentecost and the presiding elder of the Nsuogyanafo congregation of the Church of Pentecost in the Kwesi Fante District of the Afram Plains.

When the speaker awoke on the 26th of June to attend church, he was astounded to discover that one of the main rivers in the Afram Plains, named Bosom, was flooded and barring entrance to the town. In addition, every road and path leading to the hamlet is so inundated that no motorcycles or automobiles can enter.

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This has caused the hamlet’s members to trek around 5 kilometers to the next community, from whence they travel to their respective destinations. Tomorrow is market day at Maame-Krobo, but a number of settlements, including Broe Kofi, Obemeng, Dikoma, and Nsuogyanana, cannot carry their goods due to the condition of the road. Elder Frank is requesting that the government assist these villages.

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