Female Law Graduate Denied Call to the Bar Because She is a Lesbian. [Full story]

A Lesbian Woman Who Graduated from Law School Was Turned Down for Admission to the Bar.

The story of Ama Governor, a Ghanaian socialite and law graduate who has been denied admittance into the Ghana Bar Association because she is a lesbian, is currently making waves on the Ghanaian landscape of the internet. This topic is currently trending on the internet in Ghana.

Ama, who is quite active on TikTok and had previously notified the world about her sexual orientation, studied for her LLM for six years and supposedly passed with distinction, only to be snubbed by the bar after having achieved such a high level of academic achievement.

Due to the fact that she had a large number of piercings and a combative online character, the Ghana Bar Association disqualified her from being able to practice law and consequently fired her.

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It would appear that the decision to penalize her was reached as a direct consequence of a petition that had been presented against her by an individual who has remained anonymous.

She has taken to many social media platforms in order to express her frustration with her irate friends. They argued that it was unjust for the GBA to prevent her from becoming a lawyer at the eleventh hour, after she had already completed all of her tests, claiming that it was unfair of the GBA to do so.
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