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Faz Rug Biography

On November 19, 1996, Brian Rafat Awadis, better known on YouTube as FaZ Rug, was born in the US. He is highly recognized for his gaming videos, prank videos, challenges, and vlogs. He and his brother are the co-owners of FaZ Clan.

With over 20 million YouTube subscribers, he is also the FaZ Clan player with the most subscribers. It is commonly accepted that Faze Clan is one of the best-known gaming organizations in the entire world, not just the most popular professional gaming and esports organization. being a part of this community.

FaZ Rug earns a considerable sum of money through his engagements, which get billions of views. We will help you remember his significant day in this very room.

FaZ Rug Career

Faz Rug started his YouTube career in 2010. He is well recognized for being the Faze Clan’s leader. A group of young gamers who play assassins in games like Black Ops 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare established the group in 2010.

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FaZ Rug has won several leagues and gaming competitions under his direction and instruction. During his first year of college in 2012, FaZ Rug started a YouTube channel, which soon grew in prominence. He works as a full-time YouTuber and has collected millions of dollars.

Millions of people across the world have watched FaZ Rug play, in addition to their millions of fans and followers. This teenage prankster rivals the followings of several well-known celebrities.

FaZ Rug success and popularity at such a young age astound people all across the world. FaZ Rug has more than 2.3 million Twitter followers, more than 3 million Instagram followers, and more than 10 million YouTube subscribers.

FaZ Rug is a well-known YouTube celebrity, a popular vlogger, and the designer of his own line of official gear. He has collaborated with a number of well-known YouTubers, including Logan Paul, Jake Paul, KSI, FouseyTube, Mo Vlogs, Faze Banks, and RiceGum.

FaZ Rug Girlfriend

Kaelyn Wilkins was the spouse of the odd and youthful Internet celebrity FaZ Rug. His brother Ndon Awadis sent him a Snapchat video that included the suspected pair. They passionately smacked lips in the video.

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FaZ Rug supporters were astonished by the August 30, 2016, viral video clip. The teenagers were dating, but they were unaware of their close proximity to one another. They eventually announced their breakup.

Currently, he is dating well-known YouTuber Molly Eskam. American model Molly Eskam sports lingerie and bathing outfits. She is a native of the USA. She is also a well-known YouTuber, with more than 500,000 subscribers to her self-titled vlog channel.

The two have been dating for a very long time. They were both in videos that were uploaded to their individual YouTube accounts.

FaZ Rug Family

Although he goes by Brian, his real name is Brian Awadis. He has included his parents and brother Brandon in a number of videos, such as the one titled “NEW YEARS FAMILY PARTY!!” that was released on January 1, 2016.

FaZ Rug parents’ names are Mama Rug and Papa Rug, and they are from Iraq. He addresses them with affection.He once dated the YouTuber Molly Eskam. He and his ex-girlfriend, Baeeelyn, who is equally well-known on social media, announced their breakup in May 2021.

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FaZ Rug Net worth

FaZ Rug is estimated to be worth $6 million. He resides with his family on a magnificent estate near San Diego. Faze Rug has a comfortable life since he is wealthy.

Additionally, he is the owner of a “2017 white Lamborghini Huracan” and a “white Range Rover,” each of which is valued at over $500,000 in total. He just gifted his mom a black “Mercedez SUV” worth $0.3 million.

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