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Expect more rains, thunderstorms – Ghana Meteo warns

The Ghana Meteorological Agency (GMA) has issued a warning to the people of Ghana, advising them to prepare for an increase in the frequency and intensity of destructive thunderstorms and heavy downpours in the months ahead.

A portion of the residents of Accra, the nation’s capital, experienced some level of anxiety and terror as a result of the possibility of thunderstorms on Thursday as well as during the course of the weekend.

We are not yet in the month of June, so there will be more thunderstorms with heavy rain in the forecast. According to the data that we looked at, June is the month with the most lightning.

When we come to the months of July or August, there won’t be any more lightning. Yes, there will still be a significant amount of lightning and thundering activity along the coast and in the middle belt.

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According to Joseph Portuphy, Director of Forecasting for GMA, who spoke with Bernard Avle, Host of the Citi Breakfast Show, “It is not even close to being over at all.”

During an appearance on the Citi Breakfast Show, Joseph Portuphy cautioned Ghanaians not to stand close to or under trees or high-rise buildings when it was raining because charge particles have the potential to kill people. He said this was one of the preventative precautions they should take.

In addition, Mr. Portuphy suggested to land developers that they put arresters in their structures to protect the contents of those buildings in the event that lightning or thunder strikes.

When lightning hits, it travels through the trees, and if you are under the trees wearing slippers, the charged particles will pass through and instantly kill you. Because of this, it is not good to stay under tall trees when it is raining. Walking underneath trees while it is raining is another risky activity.

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He continued by saying, “The building code mandates that charge arresters be installed in tall buildings prior to their construction in order to prevent lightning from striking through the structures.”

If we are going for a walk and there is a chance that it will rain, there is lightning in the sky, and there is thunder, we should stay away from towering structures and trees.

Steer clear of anything that could put you at risk; for example, you shouldn’t be carrying metal around when it’s wet outside.

This is due to the fact that the metal is an excellent conductor of the charged particles. We should avoid all of those things, and we will be alright. When the thunder strikes and it falls on you, it can kill you.

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