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Who is Polo G: Everything You Should Know About Polo G.

Who is Polo G

Rapper Polo G, whose real name is Taurus Tremani Bartlett, is 22 years old and has produced a few popular songs. Beginning approximately 2018, Polo G has been the focus of attention. Including numerous age z artists, Polo G gained notoriety through disseminating his music on online platforms like YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, and SoundCloud, where his songs attracted a sizable audience. The following is a list of ten facts about Polo G that you probably knew very little about.

What Polo G Stage Name Means

Polo G’s love for Ralph Lauren Polo led to the creation of his stage moniker. He often donned Ralph Lauren Polos for special occasions when he went out for things like snacks or other important school-related activities. Before he began filming his most enduring video, he had been considering the name. To pay homage to this love for the clothing line, he adopted the moniker Polo G.

Polo G Tattoos

Numerous tattoos are on Polo G. He has seven tattoos, ranging from memorials to his deceased lifetime friends to images of recognizable Black people. Polo G spoke with Montreality about his tattoos and their meaning at a meeting on June 2, 2020. His “Dark = Intimidation Factor” tattoo, which he received when he was 17 years old, is one of his intriguing tattoos. It was also his most enduring tattoo. The tattoo fits well with the artist’s rap melodies and the insight he provides on modern discrimination and what it means for Black people.

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Sources of inspiration for Polo G rap music

Polo G photo

Before he decided to enter the music industry, Polo G had been writing rap songs and rapping them with his friends. He was uncertain and unenthusiastic about recording his rap songs when he first started writing them. He was inspired to share his experiences with the world via his rap music by the deaths of some of the people who were close to him and the crimes committed against African Americans in his neighborhood. Polo G said in a narrative that made its debut on May 28, 2020, on his YouTube channel that he planned to tell their tale from his perspective given where he came from.

Polo G. Child: Tremani 

Polo G with his son

Tremani, Polo G’s only kid, is his name. Around the 1:22 to 1:35 mark of the rap song “Rapstar,” his youngster makes an appearance. The crafter can be seen playing with his youngster and helping him shoot the ball on the court in the rap video. Despite being a first-time parent, Polo G values his bond with his kid and is committed to giving him the best life possible.

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Polo G. with Facts:

Polo G is committed to putting an end to racism and social injustice.

His songs target societal injustice and intolerance to a considerable extent. Polo G acknowledges that action must be taken by people to address the concerns of social treason directed toward African Americans. Through his songs and his job as a rap artist, he has been open about his excitement for promoting discussions and initiatives against social shamefulness. In one of his tweets on George Floyd’s passing, he said that the problem right now wasn’t just the police and the wrongdoing they had been planning against blacks as they had been doing it for quite some time, but also people’s unwillingness to move and fight for their liberties.

He was able to pass his senior high school English class because of his rapping skills.

Polo G’s rap skills played a crucial role in his high school performance. Most of the people in his immediate circle knew he could rap before he started secondary school, and they constantly encouraged him to pursue rap as a career. In secondary school, he used to rap for his English instructor during the final year, and he said that the teacher had included him in activities like expressing words. Polo G’s English instructor gave him a pass in his English lesson because of his love of rap music and dedication to the many expressed word assignments.

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The Billboard 200 Chart’s Top 10 list included both of Polo G’s albums.

The albums “Die a Legend” and “The GOAT” by Polo G reached the Billboard 200 chart’s primary top 10. His second album, “The GOAT,” debuted at number 2 in the first week of release while “Die a Legend” peaked at number 6 in its first week.

His manager is his mother.


Polo G’s mother and manager, Stacia Mac

Polo G’s mother, Stacia Mac, is his music director, and they collaborate closely. When Polo G’s mother saw his growing interest in the music industry, she accepted the position. His mother supported him by paying for his studio time before he started making music professionally. She takes care of his musical goals, organizes his life, and puts emphasis on making sure he maintains his work ethic. Polo G and his mother have a good mother-child and artist-manager connection despite their constant head-butting over numerous matters relating to his music.

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