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EPL: You should be playing every week – Glen Johnson tells Chelsea star to leave club

Former Liverpool star Glen Johnson has recently suggested that Chelsea winger Christian Pulisic should consider leaving the club in search of regular playing time. Johnson believes that Pulisic’s development and enjoyment of the game would greatly benefit from consistently featuring in matches.

Pulisic’s limited game time at Chelsea this season is evident, having started only eight games in the Premier League. Despite making 22 appearances in total, the USA international has struggled to find his rhythm, scoring just one goal.

EPL: You should be playing every week – Glen Johnson tells Chelsea star to leave club

Johnson, speaking to Lord Ping (via GOAL), commended Pulisic’s footballing ability and work ethic, emphasizing the need for him to play regularly. The former Liverpool player believes that Pulisic possesses immense potential and can significantly contribute to any team. However, due to the lack of consistent opportunities at Chelsea, Johnson suggests that a move to a club where he would be a regular starter could be beneficial for his development.

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Playing every week not only provides players with the chance to showcase their skills and maintain match fitness but also fosters confidence and enjoyment of the game. Pulisic’s talent and determination make him an asset to any team, and securing a prominent role within a squad could unlock his full potential.

While Johnson acknowledges Pulisic’s potential departure from Chelsea, he also expresses optimism about the positive impact the winger could have on another team. Johnson believes that being the focal point of a team’s attacking lineup would provide Pulisic with the necessary confidence to shine and rediscover his passion for the game.

The decision of whether to stay at Chelsea or seek opportunities elsewhere ultimately rests with Pulisic, his representatives, and the club. Careful consideration of factors such as his long-term goals, relationship with the club, and potential for growth is crucial in making the best decision for his career.

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In conclusion, Glen Johnson’s advice to Christian Pulisic highlights the importance of regular playing time for a player’s growth and enjoyment of the game. Pulisic’s talent is undeniable, and finding a team where he can be a consistent starter would allow him to showcase his abilities and reignite his passion for football. Whether he remains at Chelsea or seeks new opportunities, Pulisic’s journey will continue to captivate fans around the world, and we hope to see him flourish wherever his career takes him.

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