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Single mothers raising boys is one of our biggest problems- Ebo Whyte

Prominent dramatist Ebo Whyte has expressed his worries about the growing trend of women preferring to raise their sons alone, calling it one of society’s major problems.

Ebo Whyte addressed and criticized the current trend of mothers choosing to raise their children alone when speaking with Joy Prime on May 29.

“I am concerned that an increasing number of young women are choosing to have a child without a husband,” he said. lacking a male to assist in raising the boy. That boy will have a gap in his life as a result. He underlined, “The youngster needs a father figure in his life.

Ebo Whyte reminisced about past times when single mothers, in cases of losing their husbands or facing divorce, would seek out respectable male figures in the community to hold their sons accountable.

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Ebo Whyte highlighted the importance of having a male role model, stating that it can provide essential guidance and support that a father typically offers.

Whyte urged modern single mothers to find trustworthy and respectable men in society to serve as mentors for their sons. Whyte stressed that fathers play a crucial role in their children’s upbringing, contributing significantly to turning them into responsible and respectable young men.

“In the past, single mothers made an effort to connect their sons with honorable men who could provide the male influence needed. We need to revive that practice,” Whyte urged.

By highlighting these concerns, Whyte hopes to encourage a shift towards involving positive male role models in the lives of young boys being raised by single mothers.

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He believes that this approach is vital for the well-being and proper development of these children, helping them grow into well-rounded individuals.

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