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Police seek court order to stop #DumsorMustStop protest at Revolution Square

In an attempt to stop Yvonne Nelson and two other people from staging a planned demonstration against “Dumsor,” the Ghana Police Service has petitioned the High Court for an injunction.

The organizers gave the police notice on May 9 that they planned to hold a vigil against Dumsor on May 25 from 8 a.m. to midnight in Revolution Square, which is near the Jubilee House.

Police seek court order to stop #DumsorMustStop protest at Revolution Square

The Accra Regional Police Command then called Selorm Dzramado, Yvonne Nelson, and Henry Akoto—the organizers of the protest—to a meeting on May 15 to discuss their planned demonstration.

Following the meeting, the police told the organizers to change the protest’s location because the Jubilee House is a security area.

In a suit filed by the Ghana Police on May 20, the Ghana Police Service is praying for an injunction to be placed on the intended protest against Dumsor.

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“That I am finally advised and verily hold same to be true that this is just a cause for this Honourable Court to exercise its jurisdiction in the interest of public order, public safety, defence and effective policing to issue an order to prohibit or restrain the Respondents, their agents, assigns and any one claiming through them from holding the intended picketing or demonstration at the Revolution Square opposite the Jubilee House,” the writ stated.

The court will rule on the Police’s request on Friday, May 24 at 9 am.

Meanwhile, the conveners have also released a statement announcing changes to their earlier date and venue for the protest.

According to the statement, the new date for the protest is June 8 and protesters will no longer converge at Revolution Square opposite the Jubilee House; rather, they will converge in front of the University of Ghana and walk to the Tetteh Quarshie Roundabout, where a podium will be mounted for speeches.

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The organizers anticipate that protesters will assemble at 2 pm and disperse at 10 pm.

The conveners have assured that they will “try as much as possible not to inconvenience other Ghanaians who will be using both ends of the stretch of road between the University of Ghana and the Tetteh Quarshie Roundabout by allowing the flow of traffic during the protest.”

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