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Dr. UN Has Finally Revealed the Reason Behind Giving Sarkodie the Award of a Water Bottle

Kwame Fordjour, also known as Dr. UN, is perceived by a large number of people as a blind guy who engages in disruptive behavior in order to be heard in the nation. However, Kwame Fordjour regards himself as one of the most intellectual individuals in Ghana, and he should not be underestimated.

In a recent interview with Deloris Frimpong Manso, on the Delays show, the man who became famous for his pointless awards that he handed to people such as Sarkodie, D. Black, and Berla Mundi, amongst others, explained why he gave the awardees—especially Sarkodie—a gold-skinned water bottle as an award. The man is known as “the man who became famous for his pointless awards that he handed to people such

Sarkodie questioned him about why he provided the water bottle to him, and he answered as follows:

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“The fans of Sarkodie are symbolized by water, and because water is something that everyone needs to drink, he is literally carrying his supporters in his hands,”

Nathaniel Atoh is one of many famous people to get one of these honors; he was given a horse as a token of appreciation for his work. He went on to explain that there is a driving force behind each and every type of award that he bestows.

At KNUST, he asserts that he and Black Rasta were in the same class; however, Black Rasta has denied any such contact having taken place.

Dr. UN gives off the impression of being an assured con artist.

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