Dino Danelli Cause of death, Age, Wife, Children, Family, Net Worth, Funeral

Dino Danelli is best known for being a founding member and the drummer for the rock band The Young Rascals.

Along with his band, the Rascals, he was elected to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1997. At the time, he was hailed as “one of the great underappreciated rock drummers in history.”

On Thursday, December 15, 2022, he passed away in the city of New York. On their Facebook page, the Rascals shared the sad news that Dino Danelli had passed away.

“Today, our dearly adored Dino has passed away. In the not too distant future, I will speak more about his tremendous skill and share memories from his life that he has related to me, in addition to ones that we have shared as friends and partners.

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I really hope that all of you will continue to admire his skill and that you will all show him your love. We are grateful that you have supported him in all of his attempts over the course of his career. Because of all of you, he was able to pursue his ambition of working as a musician and artist, which was his lifelong goal.

Dino Danelli Cause of Death

The death of Dino Danelli occurred on December 15, 2022. However, the details surrounding his passing are not yet available to the general public. He passed away when he was 78 years old.

Dino Danelli Age

On July 23, 1944, Dino Danelli entered the world. Before he passed away in December of that same year, he celebrated his 87th birthday on July 23, 2022, only a few months before he passed away.


Dino Danelli Parent

At the time that this article was being written, there was no information available concerning Dino Danelli’s parents. They had a secluded existence, therefore not much information is available about them.

Dino Danelli Wife

Although we cannot confirm it, it is possible that Dino Danelli was married; nonetheless, there is no information available concerning either his wife or their relationship.

Dino Danelli Children

There is no evidence to suggest that Dino Danelli gave birth to or adopted any children before his passing, and there is also no material to suggest that he did.

Dino Danelli Net Worth

Dino Danelli has an estimated net worth of $12 million as  of November 2022.

Dino Danelli Funeral

The family of Dino Danelli has not yet disclosed the specifics of the funeral arrangements for Dino.

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