Danzryte threatens to place an injunction on the 2022 WENMA If…

Award programs have existed for as long as music has. They are there to encourage artists in launching their careers to new heights and to acknowledge their talent of artists.

Award schemes have been around as long as music itself. They exist to recognize the creativity of artists and support them to launch their careers to greater heights.

The irony of this situation is that various schemes are nothing but cash cows by some selfish people to rake in profits from artists’ sweat. The Western North Music Awards, WENMA held in its capital, Sefwi Wiawso is one of those schemes where organizers promise heaven and earth and in the end, literally do nothing.

Danzryte threatens to place an injunction on the 2022 WENMA If…

In the 2021 WENMA, a lot of promises were made to prospective winners. Here are a few; “Winner of Discovery of the year category will be handed a deal to record a single with a producer of his/her choice”, “Winner of each category will receive a plaque and will also embark on a tour and be interviewed by major media outlets within the Western North Region”, “Best Rapper will be put on an international cypher, facilitated by organizers of WENMA”, “Winner of the Artist of the Year category shall be supported with a gadget to build an in house studio and also embark the tour on selected media houses outside of the region”.

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To be fair to ICONZ MEDIA, the only promise that was honored as the giving of award plaques. Ridiculous, isn’t it?

Same people who criticize artists and are supposed to be industry gatekeepers are ripping off the talents they are supposed to project.

Danzryte, a highlife/Afropop/Afrofusion artist, one of the winners of the awards for Male vocalist of the year and nominee for EP of the year, and others has as such reached out to organizers of the awards ICONZ MEDIA that, if they refuse to fulfill these promises for the year under review and they go ahead to organize the 2022 edition, he will file an ex-parte injunction on the awards, bring it to a halt and drag the organizers before a court. With this development, the organizers have barely 2months to fulfill these promises before the 2022 edition.

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