Cut down number of ministers to about 60 and save us – Kojo Bonsu

Kojo Bonsu, a candidate for the position of flagbearer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), has added his voice to those calling for the government to reduce the number of ministries that are currently in place in the country.

During an interview with Benjamin Akakpo that aired on the AM Show on Monday, the candidate for president expressed his displeasure with the number of ministers in the current Akufo-Addo administration.

According to him, the current number of ministers, which is somewhere around 106, should be reduced to somewhere between sixty and sixty-five.

This, he said, will be helpful in attempts to repair the economy, and he added that if he himself were elected into power, that strategy would be one he would consider taking in order to save the economy if he were to do so.

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“…After the economy is back on track, I’ll invest in what I refer to as industrial agriculture. When all of these items have been completed, Ghana’s situation will improve.

In addition to this, we reduced expenditures that were not necessary and also reduced the number of ministers. There are approximately 106 ministers in our current government.

We are able to reduce it to between 60 and 65. He declared that it would be our savior.

Kojo Bonsu continued by saying, “I’ll bring it down,” thereby signaling his plans if he was to be chosen as the next flagbearer of the NDC and, eventually, the president of Ghana.

In recent years, there have been many talks about how the government could save money by cutting the number of ministers. This is because the number of ministers costs money.

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A lot of well-meaning people and groups, like the Minority in Parliament, civil society groups, finance experts, and a lot of other people, have been putting pressure on the president to cut the size of the government to help the national budget.

The president, however, has not paid attention to their requests in any way. On the other hand, the former mayor of Kumasi is of the opinion that cutting down on the number of ministers would be a significant step toward restoring the economy.

In the meantime, Kojo Bonsu has emphasized how important it is for the nation to place a priority on five critical areas in order for it to thrive.

According to what he said, these include cohesiveness, peace, economic stability, national security, and discipline.

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In his opinion, once these regions have been adequately developed, the living conditions of the local populace will vastly improve.


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